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Conscious Health Initiative 

We are living in a world that is forever challenging our understanding about life and being human.  It is our nature to look for answers to every aspect of life whether it is religious faith, scientific research or personal struggle.


In spite of the vast wisdom and knowledge accumulated through spiritual exploration, religious belief and scientific discovery, we are more lost than ever in today's modern world. 

CHI Awakening Academy is set to make a difference in the world by bridging the gaps between ancient wisdom, religion and science.  Our concept of Conscious Health Initiative (CHI) is designed to promote true well-being and health through awakening our inner connection with the world around us.  However, the backbone of this concept is built upon scientific evidence and understanding.  Rather than directing people to a particular point of view, we show people how everything is connected at the fundamental level. At CHI Awakening Academy, we achieve this by providing integrated tools from scientific education and innovative energy technologies to ancient healing practice.  

Our education and consultation programs are tailored to individual and corporate needs. In addition, we also provide certified trainings on various energy therapies as well as CHI Awakening Centers certification and Practitioners accreditation.  

Essentially life is a mirror and we are seeing the reflection of life in ourselves. Yet in daily life, we are mostly driven by the outside world.  Rather than looking within, we have been constantly ​looking “with-out”. A true awakening for life is understanding the conscious nature of the universe, life and being. This shall have a profound implication in every aspect of one's life. 

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