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The CHI Awakening Academy is poised to make a positive impact on the world by bridging the gap between ancient wisdom, religion, and science. The Conscious Health Initiative (CHI) concept is intended to enhance actual well-being and health by waking our inner connection with the world around us. 

We accomplish this at CHI Awakening Academy by providing comprehensive resources ranging from scientific knowledge to modern energy technology to ancient healing practices. Our education and consultation programs are tailored to the needs of individuals and businesses. Furthermore, we offer certified trainings in a variety of energy therapies, as well as CHI Awakening Centers certification and Practitioner accreditation.​


About Dr.chi 

Dr. Jibin Chi MD.MBA.MBI

FOUNDER & Principal, CHI Awakening Academy, sweden 


Dr. Jibin Chi began his career as an expert in translational medicine who specialized in bringing scientific innovation to the forefront of medicine. His decades-long pursuits in science and medicine, coupled with his spiritual inquiry, have lead him to a profound understanding of life. CHI Awakening Academy was founded as a result of his unique voyage from scientific inquiry to spiritual enlightenment.

Dr. Chi is a frequent international presenter at a variety of scientific conferences. He has been actively advocating for a change in the face of medicine, beginning with diabetes, and promoting fundamental understanding of life. His ground-breaking new theory regarding diabetes's fundamental flaws has gained increasing recognition. His new insights on anti-aging, diabetes, cancer, energy medicine, and wellness have earned him speaking invitations to numerous scientific conferences. He served as a lecturer, instructor, and therapist for "Holistic Holiday at Sea," one of the top-100 wellness vacations. His work has earned him the distinction of becoming the first laureate of the prestigious "Art of Air" Award in the category of science in 2018 and 2019.


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