Awakening  Academy



Jibin Chi MD.MBA.MBI, Sweden

FOUNDER & Principal 


Dr. Jibin Chi started his career as a translational medicine specialist who has been a pioneer in bringing scientific innovation to medical frontier. His decades long pursuing in science and medicine, coupled with spiritual exploration has led him to profound awakening in understanding life. His unique journey from scientific quest to spiritual enlightenment has led him to the creation of CHI Awakening Academy.  


Dr. Chi is an international speaker on a wide range of scientific conferences. He has been actively promoting fundamental understanding on life and advocating change the face of medicine starting from diabetes.  He has been a lecturer, instructor and therapist at "Holistic Holiday at Sea", one of the top-100 wellness holidays in the world. His work has entitled him to become the first laureate to the prestige "Art of Air" Award in the category of science in 2018 and 2019.


Keiichiro Kita, Japan

Sound Healing Master 


Keiichiro Kita is the founder of the Society for Harmonic Science and the Joy Foundation. Mr. Kita has produced over 130 Master Tapes for Amazon ALEXA, Panasonic, LEXUS, Japan Air Lines, FM radio & CDs full of the natural, organic sounds of nature. 

He is the author of 9 publications, he is considered a leader in the field of well-being using the tried and tested ‘Kita Method.’



Sabagh Jot Kaur, CHina

In-air yoga creator and kundalini yoga instructor, crystal bowl healer  


Sabaph Jot Kaur is the founder of International Chunhan Yoga Institute and the creator of In-air Flow Yoga. She has been studied under many elite masters including Dev Suroop Kaur, Sada, Sat Kaur and Yvoone de Bruijn. She has been featured in various top magazines and TV shows in China.    



NIna Kita, JAPAN

Sound Healer, Voice & Crystal Bowl Prayer 


Nina is a senior Sound Healing Instructor and an eminent voice prayer in the world. Besides numerous healing workshops and events she has been involved in, Nina was elected as the Voice Prayer at the World Expo 2005 and the Symphony of Peace Prayer 2006. 


Aaron Mottley, USA

breath Master & kemetic yoga instructor


Aaron is the author of "The Obesity Myth: You are not OverWeight, you are OverWaste".  He has created certifications for some of his health concepts, such as Mastery Breathing Techniques, Internal Fitness and H.E.A.R.T Touch. His life mission is Elevate Humanity and Improve Quality of Life for all.



Maxette Olsson, Sweden

Caribbean Yoga and mindfulness meditation


Maxette is an author and Caribbean laughter yoga creator. Her extraordinary talent, intuition and energy has  influenced many people through her public appearance on television, talk shows and social media. Her own life story has taught her to live a life with love, grace and laughter. She has been a life coach to many top talents in the artistic world and has been well respected and recognized. 


Today Maxette devotes most of her time in writing and teaching people about the spiritual journey of life and joy. Her famous laughter and comic jokes have been a trademark for her style of coaching people how to live a life to its fullest


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