The divine healing powers


of nature

Life is a dynamic forever evolving process of energy transformation, which follows fractal principle of biosimilarity. This has been reflected in ancient Chinese medicine of I-Ching, vedic philosophy of Sri Yantra and modern mathematics of fractal dynamics. This principle is also best known as "The butterfly effect", which means a small change in one state of a determinant can result in large differences in a later state of the entire system. When it comes to wellbeing or health, the profound determinants lie in the energy domains of frequencies and vibrations in our bio-energy. The fundamental energy presents in specific forms of light, sounds, water, oxygen, earth magnetic field and the elusive scalar waves which is at the root of the conscious universe. At CHI Awakening Academy, we simply tap into this fundamental energy through scientific understanding, innovative technologies and ancient natural healing methodologies. Our signature CHI approach lies in the following key healing principles in combination with guided breathing and meditation techniques for a conscious healing experience. 

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CHI Airnergy breathing is an award winning remedy is recognised as the innovation of the last century (1912-2012) by Fitness Tribune. The principle is based on Nobel Winner Dr. Otto Warburg’s theory to activate oxygen through monochromatic light.


The activated energy is stored in water droplets and delivered into the body through active nasal breathing. It is particularly suited for all types of chronic illness, pain, stress and suffering that are caused by lacking energy at the cellular level, including cancer, diabetes, COPD, asthma, sleep disorders, burnout and athletic recovery. 


CHI Wavesonika Healing is a holistic rejuvenation with a particular focus on chakras and meridians. The healing is conducted through a combination of chakras’ specific harmonic vibrational low frequencies, acoustic pure nature sound healing and CHI connection with cosmic consciousness..

All illnesses or diseases can be traced back to blockage in the energy centres and channels at physical, emotional and spiritual levels. By applying harmonic creational sound frequencies through hearing, vibration and the subconscious, this healing exercise will lead to a complete transformation, detoxification and rejuvenation.


CHI Bio-streaming is a light therapy that is based on bio-photosynthesis method discovered by Nobel Winner Dr. Otto Warburg.

Acting like a synthetic Sun, this unique monochromatic light will activate melanin under the skin to produce subcutaneous bio-energy. This novel process leads to disassociation oxygen molecule from structured water, a hidden fundamental energy producing method in life. This bio-coherent energy can stimulate a cascade of physiological events in the body to enhance cellular respiration and to act as an essential pacemaking signal to synchronise the metabolic activities in the entire body. 


Moxibustion is one of the oldest forms of ancient energy therapy from China. A burning medical grade moxa stick is used to stimulate energy flow at distance from various acupuncture points and meridians along the body.


The essential ingredient Mugwort is an aromatic sacred herb which uniquely stimulate energy flow at acupuncture points and along energetic meridians. Its healing effect is remarkable and is recognised as one of the most effective energy therapies in Chinese medicine, it is particularly great for any aliments that are ineffective with medicine or any other means of therapeutic intervention. It is also a great way to boost Yang energy.


CHI Fractal Bioanalysis is dynamic health analysis that is based on the fundamental principle of the self-similarity nature of human physiology. It provides a complete insights on the brainwave analysis, hormonal and autonomic nerve system regulation, cardiac adaptation and stress index,, circadian rhythm, chakras and meridian energy mapping. 

In addition to the systematic health and energy analysis, this test comes with Ayurvedic body type assessment and diet recommendation. Moreover a customised nature healing music can be created according to individual's own bio-rhythm and will available for online download afterwards.


CHI Health Screening utilises cutting edge technologies to assess various conditions and risk factors. Our main focus is the cardio metabolic disorders including diabetes and complications of diabetes. Additional tests are also available for full body scanning on all brain, spine and key organs, systems and metabolic parameters. 

All the assessments are completely non-invasive, including insulin resistance, and can be done between 2-7 minutes depending on the type of tests. The tests are accompanied with extensive reports mostly including recommendations on lifestyle, diet, exercise regime and possible further tests to be conducted. 

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