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CHI Airnergy

Peeping Through a Leaf


Eye on CHI-Fractal for Bioanalysis

Life is a dynamic forever evolving process of energy transformation, which follows fractal principle of biosimilarity. 

This principle is also best known as "The Butterfly Effect", which means a small change in one state of a determinant can result in large differences in a later state of the entire system.


When it comes to wellbeing or health, the profound determinants lie in the energy domains of frequencies and vibrations in our bio-energy. 

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a diving into the fractal nature of human health 


Human life is permeated with all sorts of rhythms and these rhythms are known in synchronization not only within the physiological body, but also with the outside world such as so called the circadian rhythms or diurnal rhythms. Fractal neurodynamics is a new information technology based on a discrete mechanism of processes occuring in the central controlling system in response to the effects of both the external and internal environment. These processes are similar to each other, and are distributed in time, in accordance with certain algorithms that can be identified. 


CHI-Fractal Bioanalysis system is a proprietary health analysis technology based on two fundamental scientific methodologies of Fractal Dynamic principle and Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT)  algorithm to reveal the dynamic non-linear patterns of human body and mind. The fractal nature of health can be illustrated with the example of divine proportion or golden ratio (1.168) in mathematics that even though each individual looks different from each other, however the mathematical division of different body parts is universally towards the golden ratio. When we are healthy, the biological rhythms or our brain wave, autonomic system, hormonal regulation and heart beats are all in synergy. When we are unhealthy, this synergy or fractal structure is lost. 


CHI-Fractal Bioanalysis is designed to be used for assessment of health status such as stress, brain wave analysis, autonomic nerve system balance, total energy and energy balance, circadian rhythm, biological ago, chakras and meridian energy status. Moreover, it can provide real time biofeedback for treatment monitoring, efficiency control of exercises or sports. 

In addition to the extensive health analysis, CHI-Fractal Bioanalysis System has embedded the following interventional features:


- An dedicated Ayurvedic dosha (body types) analysis and diet recommendation. 

- A guided breathing exercise with animated instructions and nature sound background

- A customized energy healing music produced from nature sounds based on the bioanylysis

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