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A Journey Through Life, Science, Health & Healing

Peeping Through a Leaf


A journey through life, science, health and healing is a signature theme

of CHI Workshop at CHI Awakening Academy. 

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What people say About the workshop

Ms. Yan Yin
participant of CHI workshop

Thanks to Dr . Chi for  this incredible experience to let me better understand myself. The sound healing was absolutely amazing, it feels like swimming in the ocean or flying in the sky. It was a true relaxation to the body and soul, an unexperienced beautiful feeling. 

Ms. Xinya Zhang
participant of CHI workshop

Prior to the workshop, I knew little about nature healing such as yoga and meditation. This workshop and thereafter  sound healing from Dr. Chi was unexpected surprise. It is hard to describe the feeling of sound and vibration in the body. Everybody wishes to open its heart chakra, I can truly feel the effect of this sound healing from Dr. Chi. 

Ms. Jiao Zhang
participant of CHI workshop

The sound healing took me to a pure harmonic peaceful status for my body, heart and soul. With the sound vibration loosen up my body, I can no longer see myself anymore. It was on a breathe in and breathe out vibrating in me. Slowly I experienced another world after opening up "heart" and "soul". I have meditated many years without much of change, now I realize the true "Dan Tian" is in the invisible space above my head. Thanks to Dr. Chi for his loving heart to let more people to understand the truth about life force in us.

Ms. Cui Xiang
participant of CHI workshop

I have heard about that saying of Buddha is yourself, but I have never entered this part of the world. I believe we are just common people and that is not my world even though we might have some connection with Buddha. In this workshop, we became opened up gradually following those asanas taught by Dr. Chi from day one till the last day. My great impression was that the world started to open up when I started to slowly open up from embracing asana. This visidual image in my mind from this exercise created a new feeling in my heart that I could be Buddha and a common person at the same time, they can co-exist. 

I have done three types of healing therapies after the workshop, I was especially touched that Dr. Chi adjusted the therapy combination based on my condition after he had done a thorough test. The comparison results from before and after the therapies were major breakthrough for me. I have practiced meditation for about 8 years. My health indeed had recovered to a new status from very fragile condition in the past. However, I have reached a bottleneck and had no idea how to progress further. Through breathing instruction of Dr. Chi and the Airnergy machine,  in 20 minutes, I reached a status which normally would take me one to two hours 's meditation. 


When I was on the sound healing, I was a little bit nervous and could not relax, a lot things were on my mind. In spite of this, I felt it touched me a kind of sorrow feeling that came from deep in my soul. I could not help with my tears, this sadness seemed come from a far deep place in my heart. I knew my heart was not in good condition due to this sorrow, however I had no way to touch it. Now this feeling has been touched through the sound healing, I really hope I would have another time to feel it  in a more relaxed status through sound healing in the future. 

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